Niece are a duo based in Zurich, Switzerland, comprised of Anna Luif (vocals, guitars) and Beat Cadruvi (bass, keys). Originally a three-piece with drummer Reto Schmid, they started out rehearsing in the basement of a church, developing their own sound, trying out different textures and slowly finding a distinct musical approach.


After their 2009 debut »It’s Never Wrong«, they released their second album »From Across The Room«, co-produced and mixed by Michael Gallusser (Stahlberger, Lord Kesseli And The Drums), in 2018.


Their third studio album »What A Loss For The World« is – so far – the most ambitious record of their career. It’s a concept album that tells funny, melancholic and heartbreaking stories about the students of Class 4P, a semi-fictional school class from the eighties. Observations about broken relationships, lost dignity and misguided life goals alternate with memories of playing hooky or trying to leave the sticky bee-hive of one’s family.


Supported by singer-songwriter Ariane Pollo (Linear Loop) on backing vocals, Manfred Hirt (Yuri Member) on additional guitars and once again featuring drums and production by Michael Gallusser, »What A Loss For The World« hit streaming and download platforms in May 2023. Meanwhile, Beat Cadruvi and Anna Luif are already working on promising new material.